Specification and flooring design

The design of your floor can be an inexpensive method of adding vibrancy to your space. Flooring Solutions will collaborate with you to select durable products that create a lasting impression. Your staff will be more productive working in an environment they feel comfortable in, and your guests will visually experience the professionalism you practice. Flooring Solutions represents all manufacturers of commercial flooring products. We intently listen to our clients' expectations and, because we have no bias towards a particular type of flooring product or manufacturer, we are in the best position to help you analyze what products best solve your application. Flooring Solutions is very effective at accurately budgeting and providing expert advice regarding product performance and installation. We know how to knit different flooring types together to avoid elevation differences that cause tripping hazards and eliminate ugly/bulky transition strips.

Repair Floors not yet Ready for Replacement

Repairing floors so no one can see they were repaired is often more difficult than installing new. Flooring Solutions is very creative at combining different flooring materials or designing contrasting colors in shapes that appear to have been an original design element but actually replaced a section of flooring that was damaged or worn.

Replace Flooring in Occupied Space

Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of replacing the flooring in your heavily occupied space? Anyone not familiar with the process could be. Are you concerned that you need to shut down your business operations to enhance the look and feel of your work environment for employees and guests? Flooring Solutions will manage the process of flooring replacement without disrupting your operations through detailed planning and thorough communications. We will move your free standing furniture and lift your systems furniture, without disconnecting electrical wires and data cables within furniture systems. We perform this work in phases, during non-business hours. When you arrive back to work the next day, nothing will be disturbed and new flooring will be installed. Flooring Solutions has the experience and expertise to manage this process for you.

Furnish/Install Flooring in New Construction

Flooring Solutions works with many General Contractors throughout the Chicago region. We take pride in evaluating plans and site conditions to discover potential discrepancies during the bidding process so the ultimate costs are addressed, up front. We will value engineer any flooring project to minimize costs and maximize performance. We also provide the following services:

  • Project management
  • Analyze site conditions
  • Performing moisture and alkalinity testing of concrete
  • Performing material take-offs from plans
  • Issuing comprehensive proposals
  • Material order placement
  • Issuing documentation such as Certificates of Insurance & MSDS sheets
  • Material tracking and receiving
  • Warehousing material until site is ready for installation
  • Delivering material to the site
  • Preparing the floor, as necessary, to receive new flooring
  • Flooring installation
  • Final inspection
  • Provide warranty and maintenance information.

Water Jet Cutting Intricate Designs

Flooring Solutions will water jet cut intricate designs of carpet, resilient, porcelain, stone, and matting products that are impractical for our installers to create in the field. We use a refined water jet cutting process that ensures a reduction of costs and production time while improving the precision of the design. The flooring product that is water jet cut arrives on site sequentially packaged allowing for a quicker installation.

Sustainability & Leed

(Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)

The most effective and least expensive way to be environmentally responsible is to choose products that perform and maintain long term appearance retention so they are replaced less often. Flooring Solutions will help you sift through the "green washing" of product claims and select products that not only look great, but will perform to your expectations. We can recycle your old carpet after it has served its useful life and present you with a certificate of recognition as verification that it will not end up in a landfill. Our team has contributed to Silver, Gold, & Platinum certified projects.